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                  ABOUT US

                  • OTE

                    A group company
                    Established in 2005 in Shanghai
                    In-depth insight into the global trend
                    Present in over 50 countries
                    20 million meters for over 2000 customers, 
                    with around RMB 800 million sales turnover.
                  • Nothing is Impossible!

                    It's in our DNA.
                  • Global Applications

                    Home textile: sofas, chairs, beds, upholsteries
                    Office: sofas, chairs, screens, upholsteries
                    Others: baby strollers, car seats, theater seats
                  • Ote color is a key to customers

                    Accurate development
                    Deep insight into customer needs
                    Grasp the global household fashion 
                    Market-oriented products 
                    Take root in the end-market 
                    Enable furniture more sellable
                    Professional Colour scheme
                    Eco dyestuff, safe and rich in color
                  • OTE CORE STRENGTHS

                    Product Assurance
                    Design and quality assurance
                    High cost performance 
                    Competitive Price, flexible MOQ
                    Quick Delivery
                    Short Lead Time,abundant stock