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                  DISTINCTIVE DESIGN

                  OTE Fabrics specialise in simple, modern, textured fabrics for upholstery and soft-furnishing applications. We work closely with our partners to create beautiful upholstered furniture.
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                  about us


                  A group company established in 2005 in Shanghai
                  In-depth insight into the global trend
                  Present in over 50 countries
                  The operation center was set in Shanghai.
                  A branch was launched in Vietnam.
                  An Intelligence warehouse over 80,000m2 was built in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province. 
                  To be No.1 in upholstery industry.
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                  Quality Commitment

                  Relentlessly pursue perfection.
                  A in-house lab, to be the benchmark of the industry.
                  Strict quality management system, full inspection.
                  Each product is tested by SGS/intertek before launch. 
                  All OTE fabrics comply with the OEKO-tex 100 standard, which means our fabrics do not contain any harmful substances and are in harmony with the environment.
                  Most of our fabrics comply with the Reach Regulation and do not contain the substances in the list.

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